I’ve not seen ‘The Revs’ for a couple of years and after tonight I can tell you that nothing has changed; which is exactly as it should be. If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it and The Revolutionary Spirit are an open-top Chevrolet purring as it cruises across a make-believe desert.

In essence, Pie Records is a near perfect setting for this Wrexham band, their cool vibe is pulsing out,  complimenting the psychedelic decor. The only misfortune is the temporary 8 ’til 9pm (sharp) music licence – this knocks people off their stride, with only a smattering present; although several do turn up as the band finish.

The Revs’ ‘Feel Music’ album somehow slipped past me last year, but don’t let it happen to you, go to their Soundcloud page now! Like the gig tonight, you’ll get that Californian summertime emotion that’ll make your senses susceptible to a kaleidoscopic world that’s enticing you in. There’s a Tales Of The Unexpected girl in sequins, dancing in your mind as the dry ice diffuses the sights and the sounds, tripping the light fantastic.

On request, we get an encore of Sunshine – possibly one of the best B-sides ever recorded. The Revolutionary Spirit glide through their inspiriting songs creating euphoria with each strum, each softening beat, every chord change… It’s almost spiritual… Could almost be revolutionary…