[review by Rich Phillips]
[Neil Crud] Super, smashing, great – what a fantastic gig… Euphorically I stated ‘Gig of the year so far…’ and in the stark cold reality of the next morning, I’ll stand by that statement…
It’s a big thing to put on your own birthday party and hope people will turn up and pay to get in – we came in our droves… For tonight is a celebration, the tenth anniversary of Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – a get together with all the previous members of this excellent off the wall not-quite-punk-but-not-post-punk-either band.
I’ll hand over the biro to Rich Phillips…

I have to agree with Neil Crud in that this was one of the gigs of 2018. Definitely the most fun. Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies shows are ALWAYS smile and dance inducing….
What a line up for the 10 year birthday celebration for Liverpool’s finest was gathered at the totally boss Invisible Wind Factory…..
I think I had seen The Crashmats before but not sure (but will again). They kicked things off with humour and got a decent crowd moving. We got treated to a touching homage to Barry Chuckle with their own raucous punk version of “Chucklevision”.

Next up was one of my favourites… Eastfield but before that we had a chance to have a look around the venue located on Regent Road. Really impressive old, high ceiling building and a perfect space for gigs. The stage set up and light display are immense and is complemented by the quality of the sound. If only it had a proper bar open rather than chilled cans, tasty nevertheless. Very chilled environment and everybody was very friendly including top lad Terry Foster on door duties (good job mate).
The free Vegan Scouse was very tasty and much appreciated. Being served by the Dinnerettes was the icing!!
Anyway, where was I??… Oh yeah… EASTFIELD! What a band!! Who doesn’t love a bit of rail punk? Really good high energy set of classic songs and I’m looking forward to catching them again very soon.

Seen Interrobang a couple of times before and was really pleased they were on the bill. Dunstan and Co. were sharp as hell (see what I did there) and the added keyboard/extra vocals made them even more so. This was a powerful experience right from the opening megaphone blasts through to the last reverb as they left the stage. Fantastic songwriting and superb musicianship and a fresh sound like nobody else at the moment.

Here we are then….. Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies
10 years on but with hopefully decades more to come. There isn’t many bands that combine great punk tunes with stage presence and have the audience moving and grinning quite like this lot!! So good to see nearly all of the previous band members get up and join in. Pleased to hear personal favourites Concert Square and Queen Victoria’s Knob along with Goth Postman.
This was a celebration indeed and very glad we were a part of it…
I don’t half fucking rattle on don’t I?? Sorry.
Anyway.. Boss night, venue, bands and people..

[Neil Crud] Yeah to iterate wot Rich said. Every song is a celebratory swipe at life, quite often Scouse life; loaded with that Liverpool wit. I don’t know how long they played for (over an hour?) but it wasn’t long enough… It was hit after hit, and in my world of hearing thousands of songs by hundreds of bands, Pete Bentham’s always stand out, as we all knew the words! From Che Guevara Thing to Goth Postman to Hip Potater (where EVERYONE sat down) it was the gift that kept on giving. A procession of different line ups joined Pete on stage as they played through the repertoire with a truly party atmosphere.

Yeah, deffo gig of the year…