I had walked three miles this afternoon in biblical rain with a hangover so bad I almost turned to religion to cleanse myself from the alcoholic sins committed the previous night.

Playing in Rhyl is tough enough without a hangover. The bonus is it’s a five minute drive from my house… But the DTs are over me and my eyes are so bloodshot that I can’t see… I really don’t feel up to this as my shaking hand picked up my plectrum… We (Spam Javelin) were thankfully on first… We hit the opening B-chord and proceeded to play probably our tightest set of this long run of gigs… It all clicked and it was great fun.

Enter Rabo De Toro… Duncan Black has been skulking in the shadows all evening, Dave and Paul are a little more sociable while Jo transforms into Charlie Garlic about a half hour before stage time. Rabo hit that stage brimming with pent up anger, delivered with scything humour. It’s enough to make you chuckle, angry and simultaneously think. They are the most dangerous band in North Wales right now and undoubtedly the Home Office have them on the terrorist watch-list. Can’t wait for them to unleash their debut album on you in the new year.

After the storm, there’s the relative calm of Paul Henshaw & The Scientific Simpletons, which, abbreviated spells PHATSS (Ha!). Tonight is a well taken opportunity to see/hear Paul’s much loved acoustic repertoire through the full throbbing medium of a band. He/They/He are near the end of a 30 date European – UK tour.
We were exceptionally entertained with a banging set about cats killing wrens, (the excellent) Stones, astronauts over pirates and buying Iron Maiden singles with your gran. You couldn’t make this up and it all ended on a high.

Great night….

[pics above by rich phillips]

Video below filmed by Rich Phillips and Rabo’s Paul Mattock