[review by ste sync]

I have been looking forward to seeing Terminal Voyeurs live since hearing their first recordings earlier this year. The recordings stood out to me for the intricate guitar melodies and elaborate use of guitar effects over a thumping backline.

Along with the rhythm section and vocals, their sound keep the ears fully interested and from their opening notes live, we could see and hear their quality. Guitar work changing from screeching leads to soft string pads. Beautiful stuff. Could have been louder, but you don’t expect ear splitting volume in Pie. Not with the ‘Audio Police’ outside!

I watched Maines [pic above by tracey howarth] headline in The Pot all dayer last month where they played their impressive wall of sound to an extremely enthusiastic and inebriated crowd. Their sonic soundscape washed over us putting us into a trance-like state. Very powerful stuff.
Maines managed to get ‘a little bit more’ volume out of Pie than the Voyeurs did tonight, so the opening song captured everyone’s attention with the aforementioned ‘Wall Of Sound’. With less alcohol in me tonight I was able to appreciate the musicianship and quality that Maines show live. This band have matured into a very tight unit. Along with Terminal Voyeurs, I hope that Maines move on to bigger and better things.