Fuck me that was loud… There was enough PA equipment at The North to blow your socks off, so like rascals we all stood barefoot to witness what Sunny Rhyl had to offer us on this hot n sticky Wednesday night.

Llangefni is a dump in the middle of the beautiful island of Ynys Môn (Anglesey) and the term is used in common everyday language, eg: ‘I’ve just stood in some Llangefni’ or ‘I’m just going for a Llangefni.’ – Mild joking aside, I think The Headaches come from that said place and surprisingly don’t possess cauliflower ears. Instead they are themselves possessed and two guitars give us a huge sound and gruff vocals.
I’m not sure they’ve quite worked out what hymn sheet they’re singing from just yet as the songs range from punk to Metallica style to Irish folk, which makes it all sound a bit like a compilation album – albeit a good one.

Fear Insight
need their heads testing… Who in their right mind would travel from the Midlands on a Wednesday night to play in this dirty old town? I’m glad they did… It was a barrage of angry songs and bitter words from the starting gun and it was so good I felt disappointed when they announced their last song.
Loved the vocal style; that incessant scream! There’s a Discharge approach to the songs, which will always earn you maximum points in my game of life.

Couldn’t hail a taxi and none answered the phone – so my ringing ears kept me company for the 90 minute moonlit walk home.