Rhyl is currently quite notorious for non-attendees. Once the hub of all things bright and musical during the Breeding Ground, Dudley Arms and Bar Blu days things have nosedived over the years with venues and bands struggling to justify the efforts involved in hosting gigs.
There are still great nights going on, but with so much choice for gig goers it’s easy to see a band ‘next time’. So today it was heartwarming to have a good attendance from the word Go and a pile of great bands to boot.

Burning Flag
are one of my favourite bands and they are fast becoming that of everyone else too – what a great outfit! Their milkshakes certainly brought all the boys and girls to the yard, eager to witness what they have heard from the latest album ‘Izabel.’ Like viral-infected apocalyptic zombies from their run-down town of Halifax, Burning Flag fire with rage, and will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison their brothers. It’s a blast, and the songs Carly and Izabel are notable crowd favourites.

Two bands, Morvo and Krank had pulled out, much to the detriment of both themselves and the people who would have seen them. This however did allow the remaining acts to play a little longer and allow everyone a little more drinking, smoking, and defecating space between bands.

Abergele’s Fuzzasaurus was already in full prehistoric swing when I got there – playing his Cramps-like fuzzy bass to a bontempi style drum machine, singing inoffensive lyrics about inanities. This all amounts to good harmless fun, which is exactly was this half-human half-reptile is all about.

Having suffered Spam Javelin late on the bill of an all dayer before, and the consequential alcohol fuelled performance, the promoter MWJ took the cautious step of putting us on early. It was the first time we had played as this line-up since November; and I think we got away with it. We enjoyed it anyway.

Manchester’s Eye Licker I was told are better live than they are on record, and they’re ace on record. Yep, they are the real deal… Howitzer style assaults on the senses as they charge through a loud set with zero compromise. The PA struggled throughout the day with the loud guitars; typical punk bands playing too loud…!! This however, did little detract from the sonic barrage before us.

I’ve seen Auralskit a few times on their Liverpudlian home turf and tonight they seemed far more relaxed and into what they were doing. Perhaps the fact they’d been drinking since 4pm was an added element, but you could see they were buzzing. As were we to their Hard Core aggressive gilt edge noise. Love the fact the guitarist wears a footy top and trackies rather than the standard punk uniform.

Emissaries Of Syn
seldom fail to impress and their merry-go-round of guitarists has Luke playing with apparent ease as Mark and Gwyn hammer their respective instruments as frantically as John Wayne Bobbitt looking for his member. This is a good line-up; not that previous ones weren’t, but this is better.

The audience brought with them the eager anticipation and Burning Flag took it from them before handing the baton over to Maines. I got a real buzz watching the expression on the faces of people who had not seen this post-hardcore band before. That state of awed admiration, and total respect for this incredible ensemble.

What a great day, and the door takings and raffle raised over £300 for charity, and also gave a raffle winner the opportunity to eat his prize – a Charles & Diana commemorative LP.
Next all dayer is on April 28th at The Comrades Club in Conwy.