New Columbia north
Give the boy a ball and a yard of grass… The term should now be – Give the kid a guitar and a yard of stage… There is a procession of high quality indie bands coming from the Prestatyn area at the moment – all very young – and long may it continue. Whoever put something in the water, can you please keep adding it? Indie is a broad term, but you get the gist… And New Columbia gist and shout and shake it all about…

New Columbianorth
They first came to my attention earlier this year and I invited them to play a well received live session on my radio show, then there was an excellent debut EP (available on download and CD – always important), and an absolute ruck of gigs. So I finally caught them live; albeit for five quick-fire songs due to the gig running really late, but I’m still humming Mr C in my head the next day.

When I say late, it was just past the witching hour, those present were pretty oiled by now and a stray Ginelli thought it was karaoke and tried to upstage the band – all well humoured might I add. So it was bish, bash, bosh and home. Satisfied enough to have seen the band, and hungry enough to want to catch them doing a full set sometime soon.

Pink Killer North
Once the football had finished and the Mancs had gone off to kill each other, Wrexham’s Pink Killer took to the stage, there was no big opening… they just eased into their set of fine technicolor songs as if they were in a mid-west garage some forty years ago. I was mesmerized by their tunes, by the way they seemed effortless. A combination of Meg White drumming, Sgt Pepper on guitar and a hybrid hippy-grunger on bass – it sounds unusual, and it was, but in a very positive way.
Don’t expect any releases soon – I asked them last year if they had anything out and got the same answer last night, ‘One day.’