Bob Temp is a folk singer from Bethesda, and I first heard about him when he released his album ‘Life Goes On‘. It’s an upbeat yet melancholic collection of songs recorded and organised by his friends after they learnt that Bob is suffering from terminal cancer. So it was an absolute honour when he accepted an invitation to perform a session on my show; the results of which you can hear here along with two hours of ace music.


Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 85
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Guests – Bob Temp & Friends
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

28 Costumes – Hurricane
Anhrefn & One Style MDV – Bankrobber
Bob Temp & Friends – Casualty Bed (*live in session)
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Community – Mushy Peas
Pys Melyn – Never Stormy
Insect Terror – [Track 19]
Negativ – To Die In Outer Space
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Billie Ray Martin
Nosebleed – You Make Me Wanna Scream
Dead Dead Dead – The Mightiest Melodrama Of Them All
Bob Temp & Friends – You;re The Reason (*live in session)
DOGHOUSE – Universal Debit
Paraletics – My Own Girl
Wonk Unit – There’s Me
Bob Temp & Friends – Don’t You Lie To (*live in session)
Gintis – The Bakery Song
Bob Temp & Friends – Hung Out To Dry (*live in session)
Carl Foulkes Jones – Jailhouse Blues
Career Suicide – Taking You With Me
Grant Sharkey – Grow (*archive session)
Kardomah Gang – Dirty Macs (SuperSexySizeMix)
Merciless Savage – Poison Legacy
Rebirth – Lilith
Bitter Verses – Overload
Velvet – Insignificant World
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Birth
ISS – Texting Pig
Vukovar – Once More For the Puritan
The Bordellos – Another Hate Filled Christmas
Jesus Crost – Glanzklit
Alright – (De)pressing Issues
Aüralskit – Eradicate
Datblygu – Can i Gymru
Carcharorion – Celfyddyd Maldwyn
Manikineter – Spice Bae
Ballpein – Sudden Frenzy
TSOL – Man & Machine
Zombie Dub – I Rise