Grant Sharkey is on tour again and promoting his excellent 5th album ‘Trollbadour,‘ (rel 5th Nov). He kindly took the time to call at the TudnoFM studio to perform a live (and censored) session for the show… The results of which you can hear here (along with the entire two hour show).
Make sure you catch him on the road – here are the dates.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 84
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Guest – Grant Sharkey
Gift – Dead Dead Dead CD
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Datblygu – Can i Gymry
Gwyllt – Cariad Braf
Knockabouts – Shit Home Alabama
Screaming Skull – What’s That Hole In The Wall
Dead Dead Dead – Salad Depot
Grant Sharkey – Muslims (*live in session)
Alright – (De)pressing Issues
Valleum – Roger Waters
Zombie Dub – Zombie Dub (Skinflick Mix)
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Mark E Smith’s Still Doing The Fall
Insect Terror – [Track 18]
Bob Temp – Molly’s Lullaby
Fort Baxter – Hullo
Community – Mushy Peas
ARGRPH – Llosgi Me
Grant Sharkey – Spoons (*live in session)
The Rumjacks – Fact’ry Jack
Tim Loud & The Psychotronic Man – Sensible Party
Y Cyrff – Cymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst
Colossous – Mischief On The Holyhead Rd
Negativ – N.A.T
Vamos & The Vents – Forty
Mr Phormula – Be Ti’n Gweld (Outdoor Version)
Grant Sharkey – Grow (*live in session)
ISS – Still Putting On The Blitz
ISS – Infinite Jast Last
Skinflick – In Dogs We Trust
Jarcrew – Destructor / Creator
Homespun – Taken
Antigama – Izaak
Pasta Hull – Mr Goudy’s Groove
Cpt Smith – I Hate Nights Out
Ambassadors Of Shalom – Death By Love
Grant Sharkey – Watch Out Here Comes The Counter Culture (*live in session)
Nosebleed – I’m Okay
28 Costumes – Inside / Outside
Habits – Work
Oxime – Switch