I first saw the name Terry & The Supercools and immediately thought ‘covers band’ – So it was a pleasant surprise to learn that this Colwyn Bay 4-piece played original material. It was equally pleasant to learn they were doing something different from every other band in the area.
They released their debut EP ‘Hot Muffins‘ last year and are soon to record a follow up… In the meantime check out this great live session on my TudnoFM show (along with two hours of hot music)

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 83
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Guests – Terry & The Supercools
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Wonk Unit – The Blonde
28 Costumes – Blame
The Circle Jerks – Red Tape
Bobbie Peru – I Am Contagious
Auralskit – Extinction
Terry And The Supercools – Jacqueline (*live in session)
Gintis – Every Time It Rains (*archive session)
Tim Loud & Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Oh Yeah, Motorcycle
Telefair – At The Weekend
Nosebleed – What You Gonna Do?
Nosebleed – All Radio Is Dead
Terry & The Supercools – Fun Key (*live in session)
Insect Terror – [Track 17]
Gwyllt – Cariad Braf
Homespun – Badman
Melys – Un Darllenwr Lucus
Carbonari – Contradiction
Terry & The Supercools – Mother (*live in session)
Peter 118 – Seven
Terry & The Supercools – The Drum (*live in session)
`Abominate – Severed
Jesus Crost – Parasit
Dead! Dead! Dead! – Razor Sharp Blues
Maniketer – Cocoon
Grant Sharkey – Everything’s Fine
Grant Sharkey – Robots
Bite Back – Brokenhead
Video Nasties – Transvoltum
Fort Baxter – Hullo
Mr Phormula – Be Ti’n Gweld (outdoor version)
Ectogram – Cloud Trouble
Agathocles – Matadores Del Libertad
Uncurbed – I Don’t Belong
Kardomah Gang – Turkey In The Hay (Acid Mix)
Pasta Hull – Adra
Pocketknife – Vaseline
Antigama – Izaak
CRY – Labcoats