Dylan Lloyd, Darren Dorling and Hitch formed Cry in 2015 and have just released their new EP ‘Brontide‘.
Recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool it is full of ear-catching sweet melodies with a gilt edge. It was an obvious course of action to invite the Prestatyn trio back onto my TudnoFM show for another session… They didn’t let anyone down… Click below to hear the live session and the entire two hour show.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 81
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Guests – Cry 
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

HABITS – The Descent
Gintis – Dennis
CRY – Labcoats (*live in session)
Meinhof – System Corrupt
Y Niwl – 31
CRY – Broken Through (*live in session)
Red Or Dead – I Am The Fire
Astma – Sno En Rullstol
CRY – Charades (*live in session)
Insect Terror – [Track 14]
Pasta Hull – Funk Soldier
PMT – Thought Police
Bad Mood – Ya Missed It
Kardomah Gang – Turkey In The Hay (Acid mix)
Nothing Clean – Marked
Skinflick – The Dead Insane
Three Minute Warning – Bob’s Vest
Bob Temp – Fy Nghi, Fy Ngwad Beic a Fi
Kentucky AFC – Left To Die
Names – Limb By Limb
Scarred Society – Down & Out
Tremolo Ghosts – Fire Curtain (*archive session)
20 Racine – Little Girl (*archive track)
Dangerfields – Hellride
Terry & The Supercools – You And I
Human Heat – North Then East
Spectralate – Death Of An Ordinary Man
Dr AIDS – In A Roman City
John Lawrence – Astrakhan
Colossous – Vanarchy In The UK
CM-DX – Pramble
Anhrefn – Duw Yn Y Eira
Plant Duw – Talach Na Iesu
T?etí Stupe? Tortury – Maje Stát
Cosmo Jones Beat Machine – Jesus Don’t Mind My Drinking
Junebug – Sweet Mellow Water