What can I say? 20 Racine not only pulled a rabbit out of the hat, they produced a warren of superb sounds that infuse dance rhythms with proper rock and roll to produce hypnotic, mesmerising and simply superb music. They formed in Rhyl as Hobo and moved to London in 2001, where they’ve been a side project of side projects that DJ Sid does. Enjoy!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 79
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Guests – 20 Racine
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Burning Flag – Gun Law
Y Niwl – Trideg Dau
Y Niwl – Trideg Pump
Gintis – Dennis
Llygod Ffyrnig – NCB
20 Racine – Icy People (*session)
Boycott The Baptist – Pigfuckers (Don’t Support The Tories)
Dalek – Echoes Of…
Spectralate – Death Of An Ordinary Man
Third Spain – In The Twilight
Chugga – Death By Chugga
The Immediate – Everything She Wants
Six-Score – Meatdustry
Daniel Williamson – Nobody Wants Me Around
Corrupt Moral Altar – Crime & Disease
20 Racine – Little Girl (*session)
Scapegoats – On Our Way
Coolzey & Fresh Kils – Sanctity
Carpet – Substitute (Live at The Breeding Ground, Rhyl)
Telefair – At The Weekend
Crumblowers – Syth
Insect Terror – [Track 8]
Jamie Davies – Make My Escape
Kangaroo Kebab – Rainbow Kebab
20 Racine – Mysterious Blue (*session)
Habits – Work
Ysgol Sul – Elsewhere
Terminal Cheesecake – Poultice
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Niall Quinn
Velvet – Insignificant World
Canol Caled – Yr Hawl i Fyw
20 Racine – Z (*session)
Joe Hovis – Government To Be (*archive session)
Grant Sharkey – Everything’s Fine
Indoctrinate – Ecocide
Dan Amor & Huw Owen – Mothers In Day-Glo