Joe Hovis sprang onto the punk scene as part of The Dudley Arms contingent, both appearing live and watching live bands at the venue during it’s heyday. He did acoustic sets as well as playing with band Bankshot. Later he formed Braxton Hicks and released two EPs and played several gig in the band’s twelve month existence.
He also hosts the sporadic podcast ‘The Punk Rock Gospel.’
Having moved from Old Colwyn to Rochdale, it’s been hard to pin Joe down for a much wanted session, but we finally managed to get four songs recorded in the toilets at The Comrades Club in Conwy last Saturday soon after Joe’s live set there. What a great session.
Download his Demo EP here, and listen to his session and Neil Crud’s entire two hour show below.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 78
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Guest – Joe Hovis
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Lusca – Promise Of Sleep
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Mr Rabbit
The Domestics – Authentic Arsehole
Short Fuse – Self Inflicted Bullshit
Joe Hovis – Depression (*session)
The Tranquil – Get Up
Burning Flag – Carly
Manikineter – Cocoon
Ruts DC – Psychic Attack
Mutha Luvin Chimps – Bunny
Velvet – Fire
DEF NEON – Rotoscope
Insect Terror – Track 6
Minus Nine Lives – 200 Channels And Nothing But Cats
Jaws Of The Flying Carpet – Sub-Orbital Grig
Chugga – Lego Brick
Joe Hovis – Government To Be
Discharge – Realities Of War
Keith Levene – The Voice Of Punk Rock
Spectralate – Viridescent
Stargrace – Human Taint
Six Score – Gutmenschologie
Telefair – Me And Me
Bad Mood – Ya Missed It
Tom Goodall – I Make It Up As i Go Along (*archive session)
Joe Hovis – Know My Name (*session)
Insect Terror – Track 7
Bright Young People – So Confess
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Concert Square
Corrupt Moral Altar – Body Horror
The Bordellos – Die By The Radio
Blown Out – Superior Venus
Indoctrinate – Fuck Off & Decompose
Rabo de Toro – Big Swingers
Joe Hovis – Crutches Of A Child (*session)
Large Veiny Members – Palindrome Food Sculpture
Baltimore Gun Club – Persona