Tom Goodall returns to my TudnoFM show for the second time in session. Unlike his previous visit, the former Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials drummer has gone semi-electric, and delivers this superb folk-choke session. After you’ve listened to it (and the entire show) check out his page here.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 77
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Tom Goodall Tudno

Guest – Tom Goodall
Gifts – King size Cadburys Caramel, Potato Peeler, Car Smelly
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Colossous – Pen Llithrig Y Wrach
MAINES – Malkovich
Morffe – Mea Non Culpa
Tom Goodall – I Won’t Really Miss You (*live in session)
Dog Legs – Beast Like Me
Piss On Authority – Where’s The Mentality
Kardomah Gang – Raw Turkey Blues
Germ Corporation – Enough Is Never Enough
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – The Establishment
Baltimore Gun Club – Hooker Blvd
Bad Mood – Ya Missed It
Grand Collapse – Llygaid Gwyrdd
Boycott The Baptist – Wolterink, You Naughty Boy
Indoctrinate – Prayers
Tom Goodall – Freeway In Texas (*live in session)
Telefair – Sellotape
Burning Flag – Izabel
Flat Back Four – Burn The Flag
Lolfa Binc – Adda
DEF NEON – Rotoscope
Glarus – Fire
Tom Goodall – Fire (*live in session)
Velvet – Fire
Tom Goodall – I Make It Up As I Go Along (*live in session)
Alien Matter – Blood
Dropdead – Prison
Steve Crocker – Black Night (*archive session)
Insect Terror – [track 5]
X Ray Pop – DS
Red Or Dead – TheOnlyThingWrongWithMeIsYou
Hollows – Atone
Cold Meat – Au Natural
Lady President – Your Stuff
Burning Flag – Cold Blood
Error Flynn – Slo Jamm