Lolfa Binc just appeared in June this year with an album ‘Black Lodge’ – a whirlwind of insanity, intensity and brilliance. I saw them make their debut live appearance at The North in Rhyl three weeks ago; quite possibly a life-changing experience… A session was hastily arranged and that too was pretty incredible! Listen to the entire two hour show below…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 75
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Guests – Lolfa Binc
Gift – Body Lotion
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Jello Biafra & DOA – Attack Of The Peacekeepers
James Phillips – Give Me Wings
The Affliction – Good People
Insect Terror – [Track 1]
Lolfa Binc – Adda (*live in session)
Warwick Hunt – Remission
Evil Blizzard – FFRW
Travolta – Anarcho Toilet Revolution
The Domestics – Don’t Tell Me What Love Is
Grand Collapse – Luciano Ponzetto
Y Pencadlys – Diolch Am Beidio Ysmygu
Patrick Jones – And What Are You Wales?
Mamuthones – Fire On Fire
Diablo Rojo – Hong Dong
Eastfield – Eddie Watson
Lolfa Binc – I.D (*live in session)
White Noise Sound – Blood
Error Flynn – Mynga
Insect Terror – [Track 2]
Mowbird – Carousel
No Name Janes – Violet Is Blue
Colossous – Freeway In Texas (*archive session)
Lolfa Binc – Penetrate & Ponder (*live in session)
Soundwire – We Rise
Rabo De Toro – Big Swingers
Spazz – B-Street Butta
Kardomah Gang – Acrylamide
Dresden – Out On The Streets
Totem Terrors – Lies
Manifest – Be The Best
Richard Cheese – Holiday In Cambodia
Searching For Lee – Break Free (*archive session)
White Ether – Maybe Forever
T?etí Stupe? Tortury – Maje Stát
New Columbia – Under My Skin
Pys Melyn – Bevvies
MxJ – Annihilate The Storm
Girl Pusher – Lip Tattoo
Zefur Wolves – Your Days Are Numbered
Maid Of Ace – Disaster Of Noise
Cull – Crop & Ramble