Colossous is former Melys bassist Rich Eardley. He’s assembled a band to perform his infectious songs and has released a download track Freeway In Texas on CEG Records as a precursor to his EP in November. [soundcloud]
Great to have them in session…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 74
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Colossous session
Guests – Colossous
Gift – Yr Orsedd original X cassette
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Diskobra – Tetszhalott
Faerground Accidents – Gaslighter
Lolfa Binc – Penetrate & Ponder
Colossous – Freeway In Texas (*live in session)
Burning Flag – Izabel
Pys Melyn – 0909
Primitive Life – Cruel World
Searching For Lee – Liquor & Drugs (*archive session)
Deckchair Protest – Muscles
Yr Orsedd – X
Colossous – Upset Billy (*live in session)
?????? – ?????????? ???????? ?????
The Dicvisive – Circle Of Bureaucrats
New Columbia – She’s A Queen
The Bronsons – Girl From Outer Space
Colossous – Mouth Organ Jam (*live in session)
Evil Blizzard – FFRW
Colossous – Samantha Jane (*live in session)
Cull – 2A
ThANX – Sfing
Large Veiny Members – Listen
Topper – Newid Er Mwyn Newid
Grand Collapse – Thrissell Street
Vukovar – The Clockwork Dance
Vice Squad – Out Of Reach
Bogans – [Redacted]
Seazoo – Shoreline
Doll Circus – Brain On Fire
Doll Circus – In Pairs
Auxilio – Drones De La Guerra
Travolta – High Horse Wankers
Dishope – They Prepare For War
Insect Terror – (Track 4)
Anal Teens – This Is Act Up
Brython Shag – Sana Gwyn A Sandals
Nic-D’ea – Catch That Stick
Warwick Hunt – Remission
The Domestics – A Poison Too Far
Feral Existence – Life To Waste
MxJ – Annihilate The Storm
DJ Sid – Provocateur