Ultrajungle are from the badlands of Rhyl and were formerly known as Glass Beach until a change of style led them to reconsider their name. They’ve just released their debut single Onto You. So it was imperative that I got them in for a session…
Enjoy…! In complete contrast the rest of the show is almost wholly dedicated to the weekend’s Rebellion Festival where I spent most of my time seeking out new bands from destroyed civilisations.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 71
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Guests – Ultrajungle
Gift – Steve Rastin
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Last Gang – The Devil’s In The Details
Slaves – Sockets
DOA – War In The East
Peter118 – Seven
Sheer Terror – Boys Don’t Cry
pRRvRRt – Crud Is Dead
Ultrajungle – Animal (*live in session)
Joe Hovis – Hilda’s Philosophy
Billyclub – Die Already
Aerial Salad. – Man Down
Skinflick – Dead Ringer Swingers
Delicasession – Soar (edit)
Ultrajungle – Onto You (*live in session)
Atterkop – Break The Sequence
Klammer – Space Elevator
Hands Off Gretel – Other Town
Ultrajungle – Paradise (*live in session)
Peter Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Dead’s Not Punk
Scapegoats – Wing Mirror (*archive session)
Pizzatramp – Black Eyed Friday
PMT – Positive Times
Maid Of Ace – Disaster Of Noise
Limp Wrist – Thick Skin
The Membranes – Hail To The Lovers
The Bordellos – Straight Outta Southport
Hellbastard – Sea Shepherd
Brython Shag – Pobol Gorllewinol Hapus
Wonk Unit – Kings Road Sporting Heroes
Evil Blizzard – Slimy Creatures
Burning Flag – Carly
Paul Carter – Dogs & Cats
Salt the Snail – Coffee
Wife – Marilyn
We The Living – Material Girl
Chugga – Lego Brick
Kiss My Acid – Blame Me
In Evil Hour – Build It Up
DELINQUENTS – Ctrl.Alt.Defeat
MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops – John Wayne Was A Nazi