Andy Bob Beaumont is one of the hardest working men in rock ‘n’ roll in North Wales. If he’s not on the circuit doing his solo stuff, then he’s out on the circuit doing The Beaumont Brothers or out on the circuit doing Scapegoats. There’s enough circuits to make mere mortals dizzy, Fellow Scapegoater Dave Andrews joins Andy in the TudnoFM studio for a great session. Check out their latest EP Helénè out now on Turquoise Coal Records.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 70
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Guests – Scapegoats
Gift – Selection of homegrown vegetables for Andy’s garden
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Valleum – Barrymore
Bogans – Murdoch
Hannah Willwood – He (*archive session)
Kardomah Gang – 12 Pound Pleasure Tour
Scapegoats – Wing Mirror (*live in session)
Skinflick – How Fucked Is Now
Chugga – Lego Brick
Delicasession – Soar [edit]
Art Of Burning Water – Prime Example Of A Lonely Child
Adwaith – Femme
Scotch Funeral – Young At Heart And Falling Apart (*archive session)
Scapegoats – Helénè (*live in session)
DELINQUENTS – Never Gonna Fit In
Mad Haven – What Ya Gonna
West Coast Sick Line – Literacy Gnome (Paul Hammond remix)
Peter118 – Wasted
The Bordellos – Tesco Chainstore Massacre
Wrongboy – Isyoufriendorfoebroidontknow
Griff Lynch -Tynnu Dant
Scapegoats – We’re On Our Way (*live in session)
Krimewatch – Cockroach Man
Chugga – Chugga 2
Get Greens – Bongwater
SPOONIDOLS – Unhinged & Somewhat Slightly Spaced
Y Cyrff – Trwy’r Cumylau
Ultrajungle – Onto You
Nicotine Pretty – Nicotine Pretty
Normal Shed Uses – Roundabout
Agathocles – More Patches Than Brains
Steve Crocker – This Town Burns Tonight
Sick Dastardlys – Train Wreck
Three Days Dark – The Wind In The Trees
Young Conservative – Shag Off
Thyrd Eye – Say Something