I know very little about Scotch Funeral apart from his name is Adam, he plays guitar and writes great songs. Oh, and he’s from North Wales.
This is his Bandcamp page – and below you can hear his session along with my entire two hour show. Enjoy…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 69
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Scotch Funeral1

Guest – Scotch Funeral
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Peter118 – Seven
Valleum – Stripey Song
Chugga – Death By Chugga
Neck Vs. Throat – Congenital
Evils – Have A Good Time
Scotch Funeral – Bad Things Come In Threes (*session)
Nicotine Pretty – Nicotine Pretty
Krimewatch – ?? ??
Ultrajungle – Onto You
Get Greens – Hot Carl
Nil By Nose & Noventa Nada – Travel Issues
Slaves – Sockets
Girl Pusher – A Lot Of Boys Like Me Though
Hallowbap – Crafty Butcher
Superbap – The 12th Planet
Klaus Kinski – Gwlad Ar Fy Nghefn
Scapegoats – Helene
Scotch Funeral – Polyanna Girl (*session)
Orden Mundial – Camino Inevitable
Orient Machine – Amety
Smackrats – Catholic Guilt
Delicasession – King Of Kings
West Coast Sick Line – Literacy Gnome (Paul Hammond remix)
Yr Orsedd – X
College Girl Project – Whore Of Babylon
Scotch Funeral – Young At Heart And Falling Apart (*session)
State Funeral – Between Punk Rock And A Hardcore Place
Biteback – Retrohate
White Ether – Death Of A Lonely Tyrant
Dr AIDS – Jim’ll Fix It
Colossous – Vanarchy In The UK
Dog Legs – Memory Chester Lane
Scotch Funeral – Go To Sleep When You’re Sad (*session)
Opposition Rising – Get Off Your Ass
Channel Swimmer – Look Up, Paradise
Oblong – Hold On
Llwybr Llaethog – Dyddiau Braf
Bo Peep – Step 1,2