I saw Hannah Willwood play live at Curiad / Pulse Festival in Bangor in May and was struck by her voice, songs and use of equipment. This sets her apart from many of her contemporaries as you’ll hear from this great live session.
She is recording a new EP for a September release. Check out her stuff here

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 68

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Hannah Willwood1
Guest – Hannah Willwood
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Colossous – Vanarchy In The UK
White Ether – Death Of A Lonely Tyrant
Smackrats – Never Gonna Need Ya
Hannah Willwood – Something (*live in session)
Daniel Williamson – Rock
Rash Decision – Learning Things About The World
Klaus Kinski – Gwlad Ar Fy Nghefn
CUT – The One Who Waits
Boycott The Baptist – Men / Push Pop Predicament
Brainshit – Mass Incarceration / Displaced
Bob Temp – Come With Once More
Hannah Willwood – Mountains On Mars (*live in session)
Nicotine Pretty – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?
Winabego – Symud Mewn Gofod
Katalina Kicks – Cold
Petrol Bastard – It’s Not Drink Driving If You’re In A Ford Capri
Hannah Willwood – Hold Down (*live in session)
Get Greens – Stoned & Starving
Der Bomber – Swimming Or Sinking?
Hannah Willwood – He (*live in session)
Trip – Hemiptera
Mr Phormula – Lefel Arall
Total Fucking Destruction – Kill The Jocks And Eat Their Brains
Chow Mwng – Meme Machine (*session last week)
Ultrajungle – Onto You
Warwick Hunt – Return To Nibiru
Dangerous Aces – Endless Bullshit
Neck Vs. Throat – Why Not Just Fucking Shut Up
Sona – Gone But Not Forgotten
Team Ugly – Beers (Right Now)
Bad Mood – May 3rd
Yards – The Attic
WE//ARE//ANIMAL – Capoeira
Neanderthal – Built For Brutality
Krimewatch – Peach Generation
Fresh – Fuck My Life
In Flux – Breaking Skin
Idles – 1049 Gotho
Kidz With Toyz – Cokeboy
Wanton Thought – In the Glue