Pulco is dead. long live Chow Mwng… Ash Cooke’s experimental nature is here for all to splendour as he launches a new chapter in his long and distinguished musical career.
The since withdrawn EP ‘Better Than Teletext’ was the first offering earlier this year and there’s an album ‘ULOT-CA’ due out on Bandcamp on 24.07.17. Hear the excellent live session and the entire radio show below…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 67
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Chow Mwng
Guest – Chow Mwng
Gift – Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas 10″ EP
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Seagull Kinevil – Black Lemons
John Lawrence – Turds!
Neanderthal – Built For Brutality
Racketears – Icicles
Yards – War Tourist
Chow Mwng – Meme Machine (*live in session)
Lolfa Binc – Penetrate & Ponder
Pizzatramp – Black Eyed Fridays
C.H.E.W – Voluntary Human Extinction
Warwick Hunt – Return To Nibiru
Brython Shag – Pobol Gorwellion (*archive session)
A Case For Horatio – Reluctant To Fall
Chow Mwng – We Stole Your Soul While You Slept (*live in session)
The Wobbly Hearts – Stayed On Jesus
Peter118 – Seven
Bob Temp – Fy Nghi, Fy Ngwad Beic A Fi
The Bordellos – Brief Taste
Dog Legs – Cobra Snake
Daniel Williamson – Rock
Nil By Nose & Noventa Nada – Indications Et Posologie
Chow Mwng – Pre-Boot (*live in session)
Lost Reality – Stone
Seize The Day – What Happened To Scott Sellers
Homespun – 8th Apology
Paraletics – My Own Girl
Jez Shea – Leave Now
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – This Is What We Call Music
Lady President – Chalk Hill Blue
Salt the Snail – Coffee
Collosous – Vanarchy In The UK
Hack Job – That’s Not Distortion That’s Tinnitus
Noctophyle – Rock And Roll 2
Pys Melyn – Sigwr
Los Blancos – Mae’n Anodd Deffro Un
Idles – Well Done
Tuff Turf – My Dead Soul
87- – Flashbacks To Maths Class (*archive session)
Yr Eira – Gadael Am Yr Haf
The Immediate – Sodium (live)