To say I love Brython Shag would be an understatement. When their debut eponymous album surfaced early last year it brought with it gutsy, heart-on-the-sleeve songs that sounded like they were recorded in a garage in the Welsh Quarter of San Francisco in 1972. So to finally get them into the studio to perform a live session was a bit of a personal coup for me. It was great fun… You can listen here.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 66
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Guest – Brython Shag
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor [although no adverts as laptop died and I had to improvise the show via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube..!!]

Irma Vep – How I Fed Your Cat
Soundwire – Angels On Pins
Brython Shag – Bywyd Ei Hun (*live session)
Peter118 – Wasting
Hooked On Christ – Mince
Hooked On Christ – Bearswood Fastcore
Hooked On Christ – Bitterness
Hack Job – March Of The Killer Klowns
Telegram – Aeons
Seazoo – Roy’s World Final
Brython Shag – Dwnsia Ne Granda (*live session)
John Lawrence – Turds!
Nil By Nose & Noventa Nada – Arachides
Brython Shag – Pobol Gorllewinol (*live session)
C.H.E.W. – Voluntary Human Extinction
86 Gemini – Spiritual Regression
Oblong – In The Lemon Tree
The Bordellos – Fuckable
Pulco – Trychinebau
The Birth Marks – Too Tired
GMX Stuns – Anarchy In The UK
Colossous – Pen Llithrig y Wrach
White Ether – Music By Numbers
Noyade – Iron Horse
Los Blancos – Mae’n Anodd Deffro Un
Mwstard – Lichen
Tuff Turf – My Dead Soul
Dodgem X – Don’t Say My Name
Everyone & Anyone – Coffee & Contemplation
Lady President – Chalk Hill Blue
The Wobbly Hearts – Boom On!