87- is a mystery to me. Dominic Tanner got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in him recording Neal Smith from Llanelwy in session for the show. I trust his judgement implicitly and of course agreed. Glad I did…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 65
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Guest – 87-
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Bordellos – Starcrossed Radio
Hot Water – Get Lost
Bad Mood – Grungeblues
Dr Aids – Cock Train
Brython Shag – Dwnsia Ne Granda
87- – Flashbacks to Maths Class (*session)
Depraved State – Self
Hooked On Christ – Communitea
FilthxCollins – Fashionable Fascism
Perfect Blue – In Fear Of Fear
Telegram – Have It Your Way
Undersound – Take A Solar Ship
Fresh – Fuck My Life
Kardomah Gang – A Drunkenship Of Cobblers
87- – Head2Joe’s (*session)
Dauðyflin – Ljotir Kommunistar
Omaloma – Aros O Gwmpas
Harrowed – Desolate
Mr Phormula – Curiadau Trwm
Oblong – Hold On
Downbeat Sinatra – Caught Offside
United Bottles – Big Left Hook
The Immediate – Don’t Give Up (live)
87-  – Little Girl (*session)
Boycott The Baptist – Laura
Icons Of Filth – Raceschism
Warwound – Holocaust
Vitriolic Response – Captalist Catalyst
John Lawrence – Turds!
Faerground Accidents – Woeful Small Town
Hellfruit – Unicorn (*archive session)
87 –  – So Called Happiness (*session)
Lolfa Binc – Id
Plasmatics – A Pig Is A Pig