Sometimes the planets align and sometimes they smash into each other and sometimes both! This is what happened when Bangor’s Skinflick teamed up with Rhyl’s Teeth Crack to bring you last month’s ‘Wetworks Of Heresy EP’.
Eager to pollute the airwaves I had already invited Skinflick to perform a session on my show, and it was suggested that they collaborated live in the studio. Their initial idea was to simply perform the EP live… ‘Boring’ I said. A session should, yes, promote a new release, but also give the listener something else. The result was incredible… Particularly the Christine Aguilera cover!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 63
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Guests – Skinflick and Teeth Crack
Gift – Bag of plectrums
Chosen Song – Firewater – Psycohpharmacology
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Oblong – Max Sant
Whales – Puck Rock
Cult Of Free Love – Visions
Pig//Control – Der Feind
Firewater – Psychopharmacology
Skinflick / Teeth Crack – Throne (*live in session)
The Birth Marks – The Dribbler
Boycott The Baptist – Fucking A Guy Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do
Brainshit – Wits End
The Glass Beach – Raspberry (*archive session)
Lolfa Binc – Penetration And Ponder
The Jam – Batman Theme
The Immediate – Pockets
Teeth Crack / Skinflick – Wetworks Of Heresy (*live in session)
Guide Dog – I Am The Daddy
Dauðyflin – Martroo
Melys – Girls On Film (John Peel Session 09.06.04)
Gwyllt – Cylchoedd Yn Y Pridd
Carpet – Substitute (Live at The Breeding Ground, Rhyl 2001)
Alan’s Snack Bar – Limbo Maschine (Crudistan mix)
Skinflick / Teeth Crack – Lies Unspoken (*live in session)
Bogans – Buckin’ Bronco
Delinquents – Waste Of Time
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Popstars Down The Pub
The Bordellos – Brief Taste
Gintis – Operations
Eitha Da – OICCML
In Flux – Breaking Skin
FILTHxCOLLINS – Dawn Of The Smug
Alun Tan Lan – Nairo
Wendykurk – Freckles
Teeth Crack / Skinflick – Beautiful (*live in session)
The Mudshark Incident – Mudshark Medley (edit)