Wrexham’s Pink Killer are something of an enigma when it comes to recorded output. Live, they are compelling to watch so it was through pure greed I invited them to play a live session on my radio show. They must have realised this and in order to retain that mysterious edge, their bassist Rob contracted a dairy illness and couldn’t make the session. Singer/guitarist Alistair came equipped with an acoustic guitar and drummer Lauren offered moral support and banter.
Catch them live…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 62
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Pink Killertudno

Guests – Pink Killer
Chosen Song – Manic Street Preachers – Yes
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Casual Nausea – God’s Away On Business
China Shop Bull – NHS
Spanner – Choose To Refuse
Manic Street Preachers – Yes
Pink Killer – Trench Architect (*live in session)
In Flux – Family Reunion
FilthxCollins – Fashionable Fascism
Skinflick – Jinxed
Guide Dog – I Am The Daddy
The Vega Bodegas – Infinite Jess
Pink Killer – The Rusty Knife & The Gun Fight (*live in session)
Faerground Accidents – Woeful Small Town
Boy/Girl – Rearranging Tombstones (For Fun)
Pink Killer – Bright Eyes (*live in session)
Futuros – Dia Eterno
Pink Killer – Spector Of (*live in session)
Mwstard – Undividual
The Immediate – Yoko
Grant Sharkey – Biochemiclusterfuck
BAD EARTH – Kill The Beast
Folie – Humbugs
The Bordellos – Political Drill
Cankro – Reflexo De Verdade
The Birth Marks – Salt Of the Earth
DELINQUENTS – Ctrl.Alt.Defeat
Argrph – Cymorth
Omega Tribe – Profit
Large Veiny Members – Limbo Nimbus
Three Days Dark – Summers Hands Pt.1
PIG//CONTROL – Das Licht
Gruff Rhys – I Love EU