Nic-D’ea is an improvisational project by Nicole Haibach who is based in Berlin. Her lo-fi recordings are enchanting as they meander through the light fantastic. I asked her if she’d like to do a session for my show and she sent me seven songs and told me to choose. It was a hard task.
Listen to the session and the entire radio show below. You can also hear more from Nic-D’ea on her Bandcamp page.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 61
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Guest – Nic-D’ea (pre-rec)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Goldblade – This Means War
The Alarm – My Town
Boycott The Baptist – I Heard The New Coldplay Song And Then Stood On A Plug Socket, Worst Day Of My Life
BAD EARTH – Kill The Beast
Nic-D’ea – Living In The Now (*session)
Kardomah Gang – Max Rebo
Dogsflesh – Broken Beaten Scarred
Dropdead – Prison
Eastfield – Another Boring Eastfield Song
Lady President – My Kingdom
Alien Matter – Popcorn & Prostitutes
Argrph – Cymorth
Sporadics – DSP
Nic-D’ea – Catch That Stick (*session)
The Vega Bodegas – Welsh Music Prize
Llyn Y Cwn – XVI
Khost – Deathset
Boy/Girl – Rearranging Tombstones (For Fun)
The Immediate – Postcards
Taiwanasaurus Rex – Stunt Priest
Carl Kavorkian – MateriaLies
Nic-D’ea – Ivy Branch (*session)
Public Order Act – Problem Reaction Solution
Omega Tribe – My Tears
Large Veiny Members – Pumping & Racing
Howl In The Typewriter – Corpse Van
Mr Phormula – Questions
Nic-D’ea – Love Phobia (*session)
Spanner – Test Tube Future
SICKNOTE – Freelance Opportunist
The Damned – I Think I’m Wonderful