Sophie McKeand is the Young Peoples Poet Laureate for Wales and is about to have her first book Rebel Sun published by Parthian Books by the end of this month. It was an honour to invite her into the TudnoFM Studio and listen to her reactionary poems.
As it was to receive a pre-recorded session from Bodelwyddan’s Telefair (aka Joe Gintis), whose off-world meanderings were made all the better by being spontaneously written and recorded for the show. Check out his new album ‘Blue Moon, Dirty Disaster.’

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 59
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Sophie McKeand book

Guests – Sophie McKeand (live) / Telefair (pre-rec)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

David R Edwards – Not The End : The Beginning
Lastigband – Jelo
Red Or Dead – The Only Thing Wrong With Me Is You
Sophie McKeand – Paper News (*live in session)
Pig // Control – Der Feind
Rebecca Jade – The Phone Went Dead
Telefair – Fair Warning (*session)
Low Culture – Alone Together
The Fuckin’ Glorious – Slice Of Life
The Immediate – Shadows & Ghosts
Sophie McKeand – The Remembering (*live in session)
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Gallego
Chupa Cabra – All I Know
JE DOUBLE F – Flesh Is A Trap
Sophie McKeand – The Problem With Young People (*live in session)
Telefair – All The Boys I Have Known (*session)
mr huw – Cariad Afiach
Sophie McKeand – Disarmanent (*live in session)
Rabo de Toro – Feel It Burning
James Phillips & Duncan Black – And I Pick You Up
Grant Sharkey – Spoons
Boycott The Baptist – Minor Threat (Makes Me Want to Drink)
Mclusky – Random Insult Generator
Brython Shag – Dwnsia Ne Granda
Cold Leather – Endless Dance
Irma Vep – Standards
Telefair – All Of Your Fibres Yearn (*session)
Skinflick – The Wetworks Of Heresy
Boy/Girl – Love & Thunder
Graaves – My Pet Rhianna
Fuckerpunch – Fuckerpunch
Gintis – Wonderful Show
Telefair – Wolf Born Boy (*session)
Emissaries of Syn – No Debate With The Hate
Fuzzasaurus – Fuzz Sound
Lab Coast – Better Than You
Harrowed – Desolate
U.N.I.T. – The Grange Hill Theme