James PM Phillips of Bangor has just released a new EP ‘The Mudshark Incident’ – a live collaboration with Duncan Black. It was great to have him back on my TudnoFM radio show to play live in session (ably assisted by Simon Erridge). Despite most of his songs being about death, there is a definite warmth about both the man and his songwriting.
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 58
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James Philips & Simon

Guest – James PM Phillips (with Simon Erridge)
Gift – T-Shirt, ‘Mudshark Incident EP’ CD and an apple
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Red Or Dead – The Only Thing That’s Wrong With Me Is You
Graaves – Heartbeats
Hel Dinky – Say What You Say
Brython Shag – Blaenau a Port
Gintis – Operations
Boycott The Baptist – Grindcore Pre-nup
James Phillips – Marjorie Says (*live in session)
TEETH CRACK – Perfect Hatchet
Depraved State – Tamed
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – E To The V To The I To The L
Kaleidoscope – Bitter
Warwick Hunt – Enter The Onion
Katalina Kicks – Killer
Three Days Dark – Light Of The Fire
James PM Phillips – Towton (*live in session)
Bogans – Buckin’ Bronco
Mothcob – Good Luck (Dalai Lama vs Carton Palmer)
The Immediate – Not Shabby
Folie – Humbugs
Pandemix – Total Immersion
The Bordellos – Brief Taste
Chow Mwng – Digital Eyes
Telefair – Sock Swapper
Out Of Use – Don’t Care (About Me)
Lastigband – Arnofio
Riggots – Be Resolute
James Phillips – She Said (*live in session)
Manikineter – Shoestring
JE DOUBLE F – Recently Deceased
Grant Sharkey – Call That A Master Race?!
SPOONIDOLS – Electric Space Cake
Crass – G’s Song
Rash Decision – Learning Things About The World Part 3
Connoisseur – Machinegun Grenade
After The Fall – Killing
Nothing Clean – I Can Tell
Playboy – The Traffic
James Phillips – Ring Of Flowers (*live in session)
Modern Tribes – Home
Nexxus Empire – Lana
Burnt Cross – Wheels Of Misfortune