Grant Sharkey is a one-man protest against EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world today. He made a quest to spread his feelings by way of song and verse and double bass and a thick dollop of satirical humour… And his car. He travels around the country from his native Southampton touring his latest album Radical You! (Vol. 1)… Only a fool would not go out and watch his show.
Listen again (click below) to Grant’s excellent session on my show – full two hour show is at your fingertips…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 57
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Guest – Grant Sharkey
Gift – Radical You! (Vol. 1) CD & Booklet
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Glass Beach – Raspberry (*session)
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – E to the V to the I to the L
Evil Blizzard – Are You Evil
Nothing Clean – What I Do
Nexxus Empire – Lana
Grant Sharkey – The Power Of Fuck / Frack (*live in session)
Modern Fossil – Rare Earth (edit)
MAINES – Malkovic
Nic-D’ea – Springtime Is Promise
Human Junk – Stand In A Line
Playboy – The Weather
Dumbo Gets Mad – Indian Food
The Abnormal – Hope Not Hate
Grant Sharkey – Spoons (*live in session)
Graaves – Heartbeats
New Columbia – Give Me
After the Fall – Authoritarian
Fullermore – Silver/Blue
Futuro – A Ultima Peca
The Bordellos – Fading Honey
Grant Sharkey – Everything’s Fine (*live in session)
Kardomah Gang – Max Rebo
JE DOUBLE F – Night Trains & Flightpaths
Modern Tribes – Morrissey
Telefair – Right In The Eggole
James Phillips & Duncan Black – Blindsided
Grant Sharkey – Hot Lumps (*live in session)
Bite Back – Retrohate
Pizzatramp – …
Steve Crocker – This Town Burns Tonight