Glass Beach are an indie-duo from Rhyl and Prestatyn featuring Georgia and Billy. Indie is perhaps a broad term as they possess a relaxed depth to their songwriting which was delivered with perfection on this session.
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 56
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Glass Beach
Guest – Glass Beach
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

JE DOUBLE F – Night Trains & Flightpaths
Tear Of The Red Eye – Scars
CUT – Parasite
Out Of Use – Punk Song
Hollows – Barcodes
Telefair – Bleedin’ Diedrie
Grant Sharkey – Have Your Say
Glass Beach – Burnt Up (*live in session)
Burnt Cross – Under The Cross
G.L.O.S.S. – Out From The Desk
Irma Vep – How i Fed Your Cat
Modern Tribes – Annie Adderall
Warwick Hunt – Kim Jong Onion
Pulco – Silex Moose
Chief – Bevan Sent
Coolzey – Tough Guy
After The Fall – Bummer
Glass Beach – Weather (*live in session)
Emissaries of Syn – Freak Of Nature
Glass Beach – Raspberry (*live in session)
Pardon Us – Sleepwalk
Daniel Williamson – Dents
JE DOUBLE F – Cemetery Labyrinth
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Welcome To Peanut Town
James Phillips & Duncan Black – And I Pick You Up
La Letra Paquenda – Cazado
Steve Crocker – This Town Burns Tonight
Futuro – Ecos
Bolshy – Open Season
DREAD – A New Dark Age
Serpents – No Mask, No Cloak, Dim Gobaith
Lastigband – Rhedeg
2 Sick Monkeys – Victim
UK SUBS – Victim
Nic-D’ea – Fuckbuddy
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Dick E Mozart
Le Enfant Terrible – Bidibu Pimoso Bad
The Bordellos – Seal Head
JE DOUBLE F – Professional Victims
Valleum – Let’s Wrestle