Peter118 from Stoke have recently released their new single Radio and Pete and Janine from the band were good enough to play live in the TudnoFM studio.
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 55
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Guest – Peter118
(Gift – CD and the opportunity to repent my sins)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

STUNTFACE – Can’t Keep Me Down
Bum Sting Spiders – Waiting
Seventeen – Bank Holiday Weekend
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Dick E Mozart
Coolzey – Another Guy
Street Eaters – Witch
Peter118 – Radio (*live in session)
Bastardhammer – You’re Not My Real Dad
Hellfruit – Seventeen [excerpt]
Manik-Neter – Today’s Flesh
Anhrefn – Sut Fedrwch Anghofio
Peter118 – Break ’em Out (*live in session)
Out Of Use – Just Forget It
Tear Of The Red Eye – Scars
Mucus – Frustration
Lastigband – Jelo
Bite Back – Brokenhead
Peter118 – We Don’t Need It (*live in session)
Peter118 – Perfect King (*live in session)
Pandemix – Faultless
Zombie Dub – I Rise
Telefair – Tetrachromacy
Down To Kill – Benefit Thieves
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Mark E Smith’s Still Doing The Fall (*session)
The Wobbly Hearts – Alone Listening To The Fall
Burnham Burnham – Delirious
Little Death Machine – Hit Me
Emissaries of Syn – Freak Of Nature
Mr Phormula – Be Ti’n Gweld (Dez Williams Elektronik Religion Remix)
Alan’s Snack Bar – Limbo Maschine (Crudistan Mix)
Dead Kennedys – Religious Vomit
Nic-D’ea – WildCat
Tystion – Yr Anwybodus
Dybl-L – Gesha Pwy Sy’Nol
Humus – Non Cambriarti
Meilir – Next
Rudimentary Peni – Army Of Jesus