PrrVrrt is a project by Colwyn Bay exile Dominic Tanner who comes in multiple guises, like Klaus Kinski and House Of Ease. It’s like neo-fascist communist jazz half digested and spat out on a pavement in Penmaenmawr. Simply wonderful.
Check out the 2014 eponymous album on Idlechrist Records here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 53
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Guest – PrrVrrt
(Gift – every song in my name!)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

FFUG – Mandala
Salt the Snail – Coffee
S.H.I.T – Feeding Time
Hobo – Burn Baby Burn (Dead Man’s Carpet mix)
The Spitting Pips – Vibe
PrrVrrt – Brother From A Crudder Mother (*session)
Chow Mwng – Monotone
Burnt Cross – Violate
Manik|neter – With Age Comes…
Harrowed – Confined
Scott Swain – Like Nothing Else
Whales – Faceoff
Art Of Burning Water – Rotten To The Core
Rudimentary Peni – No Other Truth
PrrVrrt – Crud Is Dead (*session)
Scapegoats – Eyesight To the Blind
White Ether – Maybe Forever
Lunatic Magnets – Chemical Beats The Weapon
One On The Clapometer – Hip Sounds From the Orthopaedic Ward
Rejected – Same Old Songs
Kayfabe – A Tear In the Cerecloth
Emissaries of Syn – Ich Dien Nicht
PrrVrrt – God Is Crud (*session)
Snowdonia Death Condors – Change
Stilettoes – Nazis Cymraeg
The Bordellos – Arthur Lowe
Humus – Non Cambriarti
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Midlife Crisis
LUVDUMP – Existence Is Futile
PrrVrrt – Crudda, Shoulda, Woulda (*session)
Tong Po – The Last Straw
Tystion – Pwy Sy’n Rheolu’r Donfedd
The Immediate – Why Do The Good Guys Stay Quiet?