Show #51 sees a repeat session of the criminally short but extra sweet Tremolo Ghosts along with two hours of simply stunning underground music….

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 51
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Guest – Tremolo Ghosts (repeat session)
(Gift – life itself)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

TEETH CRACK – Manic Supreme
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Many Different Ways
Emissaries of Syn – Freak Of Nature
Pulco – Silex
The Bordellos – Sun Storm
Bolshy – Anthropocene
Career Suicide – Suffocate
Hellfruit – Nine
The Immediate – Slow Song
the dead class – Rain Dogs
Tremolo Ghosts – The Hard Way (*repeat session)
Tremolo Ghosts – Fire Pattern (*repeat session)
Tremolo Ghosts – The Blinds (*repeat session)
Atterkop – Trees Will Fall
Irma Vep – How I Fed Your Cat
Snowdonia Death Condors – Change
Warwick Hunt – Fun Fun In the Autobuhm
Humus – Non Cambriarti
The Serpents – Song In Lost Keys
Human Junk – Never Abated
Le Enfant Terrible – Rava Haratac
Daniel Williamson – A Wish That I Could Be
Mwstard – Dance Mynci
Burnt Out Wreck – Talk About Love
The Terminal Voyeurs – B-Side
Peter118 – Radio
White Ether – Music By Numbers
Morffe – Taming The Pea
Bloody Knives – The Descent
Lovers Open Fire – Kodachrome
Harrowed – Desolate
The Chillingtons – Fly By Night
20 Racine – Coelacanth
Valleum – Grind It Up (pt.1)