Conwy’s hardcore thrash sludge merchants Emissaries Of Syn are about to release their 3rd EP ‘Accept, Adjust, Advance’ and also embark on a mini-tour of Russia! Stopping in Moscow and St.Petersburg in mid-April.
Regular link2wales contributor Mark Watson-Jones is their vocalist/bassist and he called at the studio to give us a preview of the EP.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 50
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Guest – Mark Watson-Jones (Emissaries Of Syn)
(Gift – banter)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

20 Racine – Who’s Got The Onions
Serpents – No Mask, No Cloak, Dim Gobaith
The Domestics – Cemetery Polka
Amsterdam [Rhyl] – Countdown To Zero
Emissaries of Syn – Empty The Threat
Sheepy – Ket Party
Career Suicide – Cut & Run
Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas – Le Val Impenetrable
Sleep Beggar – Fixing Other People’s Problems
Californian Cult Crap – Kill All Humans
Humus – Non Cambriarti
The Chillingtons – Backbone
Bolshy – Open Season
Anhrefn – Bach Dy Ben
Emissaries of Syn – Side Effects
CRY – Catch The Sun
Who’s Zack Hunt – Simon Is A Toilet Trader
pRRvRRt – The Dirt Wolf, Bilgerati
Sparkehorse – Almost Lost My Mind
Stuck In A Rut – Slave
Adwaith – Haul
Taiwanasaurus Rex – Beresfuck Adams
Emissaries of Syn – No Debate
Queer’d Science – Eurolagnia
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Transmission
Vaffan Coulo – OJ Simpson
20 Racine – MaxRebo
White Ether – Strangely Attractive
Lonnie Bangford – Evacuate The Bangfloor
Emissaries of Syn – Freak Of Nature
Imperial Leisure – Animal
Anti-Nowhere League – Animal
Daniel Williamson – Dents
James Phillips – Tea & Hangovers
Mwstard – Molluscs