Bolshy are a seven-piece ska-punk band from Liverpool, with great rhythms, dub downs and freak out tunes filled with thought provoking socio-lyrics.
Molly and Harley traversed over the border to play four great stripped down acoustic songs from their forthcoming debut album ‘Reap The Storm.’
Hear the entire show by clicking the mixcloud pic below and also get their album on March 18th via Antipop Records

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 49
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Guest – Bolshy
(Gift – pre-rel CD album)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Valleum – CB Radio
The Bordellos – I’m A Man
Anhrefn – Crafwr
White Ether – Death Of A Lonely Tyrant
Bolshy – Building Walls (*live in session)
Harrowed – Desolate
Tremolo Ghosts – The Hard Way
Irma Vep – You Know I’ve Been Ill
Sad State of Society – Standing Rock – Water Is Life
Scapegoats – Helene
Bolshy – Heirachicide (*live in session)
Amsterdam [Rhyl] – Countdown To Zero
WE//ARE//ANIMAL – Black Magic
Dead Replicas – Reload
Old Radio – Move Out
Daniel Williamson – Dents
Mwstard – Molluscs
John MOuse – ToughDay For The Trains
The Fartz – No Wordz
Bolshy – Party On (*live in session)
Alright – I’m Not Gay I Just Like Motley Crew
Sleep Beggar – Fixing Other People’s Problems
Septic Psychos – Noize Ain’t Dead
Bolshy – England’s Finest (*live in session)
Miracleman – Sometimes
20 Racine – Icy People
20 Racine – Who’s Got The Onions
Emissaries of Syn – The Only Way Is Essex (Fat Tongued Skinflick mix)
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – If The Only Way Is Essex You Can Kill Me Now
Gareth Jones On Speed – Tom Pryce
Rashomon – Develop & Genocide
FFUG – Byth Yn Stopio
Deckchair Protest – Muscles
Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas – Marais Noir
Evil Blizzard – Stupid People
CRY – Shuh