New Columbia have sprang up from Prestatyn as recently as January 2017 when they played their debut gig. They came highly recommended and once heard you’re left in no doubt of that recommendation.
What a great session. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming debut EP and a ruck of gigs…
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 48
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New Columbia crud

Guest – New Columbia
(Gift – family pack of Starburst)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Gai Toms – Can Y Dewis
Rashomon – Corpse Syndrome
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Otto Skorzeny
Disaster Strikes – The Fighting Path
Andy J Gallagher – Boy Racer
New Columbia – Say What I Say (*live in session)
Finite Death – Third World Standard (Mank Product Recall Mix)
Mwstard – Dance Mynci
Sad State of Society – Frack You
TEETH CRACK – The Great Mongrel
Tim Tim – Marmalade Cat
New Columbia – It’s Only Rock n Roll (*live in session)
House Of Ease – Milk Neck
Flat Back Four – One Hundred Years
The Immediate – What’s The Matter Kevin Jones?
New Columbia – Change (*live in session)
New Columbia – Give Me  (*live in session)
Fudged – Mrs Robinson
Anhrefn – Crafwr
Sleep Beggar – Fixing Other People’s Problems
Dr Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations – Deadpan Control Freak
FFUG – Alcoholic Anorexic
Pardon Us – Flightless
Dan Amor – Dusk Bird
Dead Kennedys – Government Flu
Rico Oxide – Creeping Eruption
CRY – The Illusive Jeremy
Goldblade – This Means War
Sid’s Kids – Songs Of Praise
Zebedy – Set The Pace