Tremolo Ghosts is essentially Bristol based Owen Chambers. Such is the proliferation (and quality) of his song writing and recording he released SEVEN albums and EPs last year. His fine album ‘Supercomputer Designs Seashell’ was brought to my attention and I fell in love with it’s simplistic beauty. Check it (and several others) out on Bandcamp.
Also on this fine session, Owen is joined by Andrew Hayes on sax and Tony Gordon drumming and singing.
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 46
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Guest – Tremolo Ghosts
(Gift – none pre-rec session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Down To Kill – Vicious Circle
Down To Kill – Out Of Sight
Alright – Did Henry VIII Weigh A Tonne
Omaloma – Eniwe
House Of Ease – Tiger Duds
Taiwanasaurus Rex – Beresfuck Adams
Carl Gintis – Whatsamatteryogi?
FFUG – Byth Yn Stopio
Mwstard – Dance Mwnci
Tremolo Ghosts – The Blinds (*session)
Alien Matter – Kelly & Steve (BBC Radio Wales Session 2004)
Defcon Zero – Braindead
Distillers – Oldscratch
Scapegoats – Helene
Volatile Idea – Fuck Hippy Attitudes
Bum Sting Spiders – Waiting
Anhrefn – Menthyg Wal
Sona – Save
Warwick Hunt – tAME
Dharma Violets – Awake For A Reason (Slamfish remix)
Tremolo Ghosts – Fire Pattern (*session)
Devo – Penetration In The Centrefold
????? – ??? ????
Deferred Sucess – Razorlight Are Shite
Bite Back – Brokenhead
CUT – Parasite
Irma Vep – I Want To Be Degraded
Antisect – Black
Afal Drwg Efa – Cell (Ailgymysgiad Vjesk)
The Lizzies – Down
My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Is
Nothing Clean – I Can Tell
Tremolo Ghosts – The Hard Way (*session)
Bolshy – Open Season
pRRvRRt – Tati Caro
The Bordellos – Free Download Generation
The Enablers – Tomorrow