Teeth Crack is James Cooper, who formed both Depraved State and Terminal Voyeurs before departing into his Rhyl swamp to emerge as this current sonic indigestive form early last year.
With releases aplenty on Bandcamp and very loud live shows, it was the obvious path to take and invite him onto my show…
Enjoy the whole show and session here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 45
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teeth crack1
Guest – Teeth Crack
(Gift – none; he even scrounged a lift into the studio off me)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Alarm – My Town
Emissaries of Syn – The Slate Is Not Clean
Bum Sting Spiders – Waiting
Bite Back – Taking The Pain Away
TEETH CRACK – Sin (*live in session)
UK SUBS – Banksy
CUT – You Killed Me First
Bolshy – Heirachicide
Bright Young People – Suppress Happiness
Super Fast Girlie Show – Oh Well
Obstacle – Terraforming
Tim Tim – Marmalade
Burning Flag – Crack & Burn
WE//ARE//ANIMAL – Capoeria
The Lizzies – It’s Over
House Of Ease – Dry
TEETH CRACK – Mongrel / Years Of Strain / Hatchet  (*live in session)
RSI – Curly Wurly
The Immediate – What’s The Matter Kevin Jones
Tremolo Ghosts – Blue/Flame/Ghost
John Lawrence – Vulture Of Foregone Delusion
Datblygu – Bywyd Yw Popeth, Elton
Mad Haven – What You Gonna Do
The Vega Bodegas – Baby, I’ve Radicalised
Warwick Hunt – I’m Afraid Of Onions
Diskobra – Utolso Ora
The Roseville Band – Blood
Chupa Cabra – All I Know
Lovers Open Fire – Circa
TEETH CRACK – Fragile Fragile (*live in session)
BAD EARTH – Wheels Of War
Ugly Fashion – Say Listen Believe
Marble Parlour – Two In One