Cry formed 18 months ago from their lairs in Dyserth, Meliden and Holywell, and released their debut EP Catch The Sun, which is available from the usual digital outlets. They have also (today) released an ace video for the song Shuh – watch it here

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 44
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Guests – Cry
(Gift – the promise of a CD)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

House Of Ease – Milk Neck
CRY – Shuh (*live in session)
The Alarm – Exit (No Way Out)
Butthole Surfers – Ulcer Breakout
The Terminal Voyeurs – One Dimensional Man
Bite Back – Brokenhead
New Tusk – I Feel It On My Chest
Teenage Mafia – Abu Hamza Has A Mean Right Hook
Rash Decision – Learning Things About The World
CRY – The Elusive Jeremy (*live in session)
Chupa Cabra – Mouths To Feed
The Floormen – The Place Where The Flat Things Are
The Cox – I Wanna Be Ron Jeremy
Burning Flag – Parasite
DJ Sid – Another Prick In The Wall
Anhrefn – Duw Yn Y Eira
Forged In The Furnace Of The Sun – Faceless
CRY – Charades (*live in session)
CRY – Catch The Sun (*live in session)
Large Veiny Members – We Don’t Really Do Songs
The Woggles – Blasting Cap
Riggots – Dogs Of Bore
The Exploited – Dogs Of War
Frau – Snakeskin
Carl Kavorkian – DeadBolt
The Bordellos – Blank Letter
The Bordellos – Autumn Grey
Saltwater Injection – Sexual Adventure
The Immediate – Manbouy
Fuck It… I Quit – The Voiceless Still Have A Voice
JE DOUBLE F – Nightscare
HABITS – Knife Fight
Gravves – My Pet Rhianna
Irma Vep – It Runs Slow
The Domestics – A Pox On This Life
Dead Kennedys – Chemical Warfare