Large Veiny Members are a mystery ensemble from Lewes (near Brighton) featuring Carl, Dave and sometimes Fay. They first came to my attention on the Godspunk compilation albums and I invited them to record a session for my show. The result was a series of jams that inspired the band to not only complete the session but also include the tracks as part of a new album ‘Wrestling The Bad Orb’ – Released one past midnight on 24.01.17 – straight after the show finished broadcasting. (get it here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 43
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Guests – Large Veiny Members
(Gift – album after midnight)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Domestics – Chest Pains
Datblygu – Amnesia
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – It’s Not My Fight
The Terminal Voyeurs – One Dimensional Man
Riggots – All Dressed Up (To Get Bummed Over A Bin)
Large Veiny Members – The Moon Is Not For You (*session)
Biscuit Mouth – A Very Pleasing Night
Rash Decision – Learning Things About The World Part 3
Irma Vep – It Runs Slow
Irma Vep – I Want To Be Degraded
Teenage Mafia – Octodad
Bastions – Her Casket Holds No Bones
Valleum – Let’s Wrestle
Large Veiny Members – Hanging Like An Elf (*session)
Picture Frame Seduction – Everything
Ash Pulco – Twmffat
Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy
MAINES – Malkovich
Spectralate – Famous Blue Raincoat
SSS – The Answer Is Never
Red Or Dead – Watch It Burn
Large Veiny Members – Dark Matter Windmill (*session)
Hand Made Noise – Under Ice
Carpet – The Influence
Dropdead – Prison
Power Is Poison – Smash Things Up
Anhrefn – Rhywle Yn Moscow
Scarred Society – Chain Of Debt
Gravves – Tribes
Large Veiny Membrs – Listen (*session)
Telefair – Vitamins
Bite Back – Know Your Rights
Arms Like Legs – Organmetronic
Grant Sharkey – Bride Of Twinklefingers