Red Or Dead delivered a bouncing session on my TudnoFM show. Making a return to the studio for the second time; this time as a full six-piece outfit playing their punky-folk protest songs.
This Penmachno band have just released their very good ‘No One Is Innocent’ EP – check them out at a gig near you..!
(Get it here).

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 42
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Guest – Red Or Dead
(Gift – No One Is Innocent EP)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

MAINES – Malkovic
The Domestics – A Pox On This Life
Andy Bob Beaumont – Red To Blonde (*archive session track)
Diskobra – Utolsó óra
Biscuit Mouth – Horse Story
Red Or Dead – No One Is Innocent (*live session)
Red Or Dead – Never Again (*live session)
Grant Sharkey – Have Your Say
Sense Of Urgency – Lowbrow
Y Niwl – Trideg Un
Ectogram – Even Stephen
Chupa Cabra – You Know I’m No Good
Telegram – Inside/Outside
Nothing Clean – Many Faces
Oblong – Lemon Tree
Anhrefn – Duw Yn Y Eira
The Immediate – What’s The Matter Kevin Jones?
Dan Amor – Yr Awel
Dropdead – Dead Inside
Red Or Dead – A New Day (*live session)
Red Or Dead – Travel Home (*live session)
Skinflick – Fuckbuddy
Genod Droog – Creu Terfysg
Carl Kavorkian – WhoreMoans
Cian Ciarán – Til I Die
Global Parasite – Recognition
Fflaps – Rhowch Hi I’r Belgwyr
Max Weisskopf – Winterlied
Twisted Ankle – Netflix & Loathing
Tiger Lillies – Crap
Jives Room – Dum Diddums
Morffe – Mea Non Culpa
Mother Of Six – Castell
Myimaginaryfriend – Sedated
Active Minds – The Real Cost
Spectralate – Come Healing
Irma Vep – Recluse Man
West Coast Sick Line – Into Ya Home
Tanz Der Youth – Mistaken
Teenage Mafia – Snotboogie