There is only one way, and that’s Mr Phormula‘s way… Saturday will see the ‘Un Ffordd EP’ touch down to make this dank world a little brighter.
The six track EP will be available through Bandcamp and is pretty damn fucking good. In fact, I challenge you to find another recording where Llanerchymedd gets a mention! – Joking aside, this (as you’d expect) is serious Grade A stuff.
Whereas over a decade ago I viewed Pep Le Pew‘s hip-hop like a pair of designer jeans bought from the boot of a bloke’s car. They looked like Wranglers or Lee Cooper, but they weren’t the real deal, there was something fake about them….
There is nothing fake about Mr Phormula, and he proves once again why he is revered in the world of hip-hop and should be in the whole world of music too.

When John Peel introduced hip-hop to the UK via his Radio One show in the early eighties; as a kid, I loathed it, he played so much of it… Too much for my adolescent punk rock brain to fathom out, to appreciate, to understand.

Fast forward the tape of life to 2016 and my insatiable appetite for this genre remains, well… Insatiable… And Mr Phormula goes a long way to satisfying that need… From the bouncing title track to the sheer angry power of the closing track Cymerwch y Rheolaeth Yn Ol.  It makes you want to go out on the streets and regain control…! There’ll be riots in Bethel, anarchy in Llanrug and a siege in Llanfrothen…

You have the Fun Lovin’ Criminal feel of Sefyllfa and I love the way it’ll traverse the bi-linguistics of Welsh and English.
The Welsh hip-hop of Mr Phormula has far more urgency in the mother-tongue and has built a mountain of credibility because of it.
Asgo Banol? Not arf…!

You’ll recognise Dyna Sut Da Ni’n Byw as it was featured on the link2wales compilation ‘This Patch Of Land’ last autumn… Here it is for you to hear again… You can hear the rest of this absolutely fucking superb EP on it’s release on Saturday…