earley crud
Broadcast 16.05.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Richard Eardley
(Gift – Selection of Confectionary, John Lawrence CD, distortion pedal all in a large sock)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Genod Droog – Gwn Tatws
Luna Rosa – This One
Subhumans – Point Of View
Melys – Eyeliner
Richard Eardley – Only (*live in session)
Pale Angels – Piss Water
Topper – Hapus
Zabrinski – Hit The Rez
Mucus – Schizo
Pizzatramp – –
The Dharma Violets – Butterfly In A Hurricane
Cusser – Paradise Rots
Mueran Humanos – Culpable
Sex Pistols – Holidays In The Sun (demo version)
Richard Eardley – Dreaming Away My Days (*live in session)
Spectralate – By The Time I Get To Pentrefoelas
Vates – Ymosodiad Y Contiad
Bomb Everything – Offer Me Your Mouth
Chupa Cabra – My Girl
Skin Of Cecile – Pig Skin
Race Horses – Nobody’s Son
Crumblowers – Achub Fi
Carpet – Substitute
Normal Shed Uses – Rust
Richard Eardley – Freeway In Texas (*live in session)
Seagull Kinevil – Failed (ext vers)
Teenage Mafia – Snotboogie
Tax Exiles – Miracles
John Lawrence – Insectoid Shopping Spree