Repeat session from Colossus, who also answers to the name of Rich Eardley and is bass player with Melys. Great to air this session from last May again alongside two hours of great music.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 38
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Guest – Colossus
(Gifts – None – repeat session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Super Furry Animals – Out Of Control
Tong Po – Warring Factions
mr huw – Werth Dim Byd
The Roseville Band – Blood
Pale Angels – I Needed Your Gun
Colossus – Only (*repeat live session)
Depraved State – Civilian
Alun Tan Lan – Y Blotyn Du
James Phillips – Happy Song
The Bordellos – Unhappy Song
Mowbird – Happy Active Horse Organ
Life Without Buildings – New Town
Wedding Present – Snake Eyes
Melys – You Wannit Deep (Skinflick mix)
TEETH CRACK – Mongrel (Skinflick mix)
Dropdead – What Once Was Life
Colossus – Freeway (*repeat live session)
Victims – Questions
Tremolo Ghosts – Gamma Rays
Pulco – Noise Hate
New Model Army – Angry Planet
Jerry’s Kids – Straight Jacket
Carl Kavorkian – Impact Event
Picture Frame Seduction – Hateful Angus
Spectralate – Come Healing
Grant Sharkey – Nothing Wrong (the Tablois Journalists’ Prayer)
Marble Molly – Woman
Piss Test – Mussolini
Colossus – Dreaming Away (*repeat live session)
Strike Back – JL
Diablo Rojo – El Fua
Hawkwind – Oscillations
The Largy Veiny Members – Another Lizard Is Born
Klaus Kinski – Gwlad A Fy Nghefn
Officer Down – Bleed it Dry
Deferred Sucess – Get Up And Do It Again
Bendith – Danybanc
The Stilettos – Sownd