Mr Huw – the former bassist with cow-punk band Kentucky AFC is about to release his fifth album, ‘Gwna Dy Feddwl I Lawr’ (out on 25th Nov on Recordiau Cae Gwyn – order here)…
He was brave enough to traverse through Storm Angus to appear live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM radio show.
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 36
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Guest – Mr Huw
(Gifts – rain)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Kentucky AFC – Outlaw
Picture Frame Seduction – Hateful Angus
Cramps – Georgia Lee Brown
Diablo Rojo – Hong Dong
Doll Circus – Brain On Fire
Mr Huw – Saim Gwahanol (*live in session)
Bl’ast – For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire
Llion Swyd – Lludw
Nouvelle Vague – I Melt With You
Human Cull – Familicide
Nurotica – Transportation To Nowhere
Red Or Dead – No One Is Innocent
Oysterboy – Black Friday
Subhumans – Zyklon B-Movie
Winabego – Symud Mewn Gofod
Mr Huw – Cig Amrwd (*live in session)
WE//ARE//ANIMAL – Capoeira
Mr Huw – Llosfynyddoedd (*live in session)
PEARS – Partridge
Normal Shed Uses – Beans And Peaches
Datblygu – Ond Nawr Mae Hyn (*Head In The Shed remix)
Queer’d Science – Melter
Alun Tan Lan – Y Blotyn Du
Brython Shag – St Davids Cross Inverted
Brython Shag – St Davids Cross Reverted
The Bordellos – Gary Glitter
2 Sick Monkeys – Where’s The Progress In That?
deux furieuses – Out Of My System
RAMMAN – JR Hartley Is A Killer
Victimize – Where Did the Money Go?
Andy J Gallagher – Sheena’s Big Night Out
Future Of The Left – Sheena Is T-Shirt Salesman
Carcharorion – Celfyddyd Maldwyn
Irma Vep – She Makes Me Wear A Saddle
Tong Po – Standing At the Trough
Chemical Town – Ghosts
Spectralate – Come Healing
Rash Decision – Cost Of My Pride
The Wobbly Hearts – Alone Listening To The Fall