The Bordellos from Liverpool have just released a new album ‘How Lose Friends And Influence No One’ (via Bandcamp) – and what a great piece of anti-pop music it is.
They were kind enough to exclusively record a session for Neil Crud’s radio show on TudnoFM.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 35
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Broadcast 14.11.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guests – The Bordellos
(Gifts – none – pre-recorded session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Bad Mood – Grungeblues
Dead Kennedys – We’ve Got Bigger Problem Now
deux furieuses – Can We Talk About This?
RAMMAN – Nazi Scum
Tremolo Ghosts – Ice In Both Channels
Red Or Dead – Never Again
The Bordellos – Stone Turns To Stone (*session)
Rash Decision – Cath Cart Robert A
Spectralate – Come Healing
Gravves – Tribes
Table Table – Magic Moments
The Table – Do The Standing Still
2 Sick Monkeys – We’ll Free The Shit Out Of You
Datblygu – Ond Nawr Mae’r Hyn
The Grids – No Better Than Me
Bordellos – Starshaped Radio (*session)
Bo Ningen – Nichijyou
Tess Of The Circle – I’m Not Ashamed
Attila The Stockbroker (John Baine) – Farageland
Anhrefn – Croeso i Gymru
Rabo de Toro – Feel It Burning (Crud edit)
Mr Huw – Cig Amrwd
The Bordellos – Brief Taste (*session)
Three Minute Warning – The TV Is On
Twisted Ankle – Flexer
Twisted – Esoteric Emptiness
Human Cull – Familicide
Pulco – Dan
Scott Swain – Oil!
Burnt Cross – Governed By Fools
The Bordellos – Die By Radio (*session)
Seagull Kinevil – Betty’s Cakes
The No Name Janes – Hometown
Ectogram – A Dent In the Sunshine
The Heights – A Long Way Home
Rhombus – Compost
Seize the Day – Ham n Cheese