Liverpool’s Bad Mood popped up on the scene in February with their extremely catchy debut single May 2nd. With their follow up Grungeblues available now it was high time I invited them over for a live acoustic session.
North Walian exiles Tom Carroll and Liam Devall made the journey – a very worthwhile one…
Check ’em out here

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 34
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Broadcast 07.11.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guests – Bad Mood
(Gifts – Bad Mood sticker – and child’s sunglasses [rejected])
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Gravves – Tribes
deux furieuses – This Is A Red Line
Great Raven – Cease & Desist
Incarceration – Evoking The Possession
Deckchair Protest – Pink Thrills
The Vines – In The Jungle
Bad Mood – Suspension (*live in session)
Bad Mood – May 2nd (*live in session)
Anhrefn – Croeso i Cymru
Rabo de Toro – Feel It Burning (Crud edit)
The Damned – Feel The Pain
Fay Ray – Family Affairs
Burnham Burnham – Spirepoint
Bad Mood – Insomniac (*live in session)
Bad Mood – Grungeblues (*live in session)
Seagull Kinevil – Black Lemons
Bastard Fairies – Man Made Kill Kill
Rash Decision – Gears
Rash Decision – Rotted Out
mr huw – Darnau O’n Cyrff
Gobow – Hecktor
Physicists – I Love Brad Song
Woman’s Hour – Our Love Has No Rhythm
2 Sick Monkeys – There’s Something Wrong With You
The New Tusk – The Kids Will Graze Their Knees
The Mavis Riley Experience – Here Comes The Judge
Pulco – Gutted
Stilletoes – Teimla Y Cyffro
Mr Phormula – Bills
Coolzey – Uh Huh
Carpet – Unflood Hug
Hello Bastards – Stockwell Terror
SPOONIDOLS – Am Dy Arian Yn Unig
Morffe– Mea Non Culpa
Seize the Day – Fry Your Ends