Daniel Williamson is frontman with Tramp With A Plan, and is he also much lauded for his solo work. If you’re in or around the central coastline of North Wales, chances are you’ll stumble upon Daniel playing at some bar. Those great songs, that great voice..! So it’s a pleasure to welcome him back to play a session on my TudnoFM show… Enjoy..!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 31
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Broadcast 17.10.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Daniel Williamson
(Gift – beer and a big tube of Smarties)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
Electric Cake Salad – Ruthless
Triggah – Believe
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Walkin’ Down Bold Street
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Rash Decisiion – Captain Tom
Boycott The Baptist – Grindcore Prenup
Petrol Bastard – You Sent Your Grandad On Robot Wars
Daniel Williamson – Words Behind The Walls (*live in session)
Emissaries of Syn – Weak, Inherently
New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Lions
Sex Hands – Hug n Roll
Pyw Dall – Carreg Cerdded
White Noise Sound – (In Both) Dreams & Ecstasies
Depraved State – Voiceless / Self / Farce / Tamed / Civilian / Contempt
The Sad Song Co – Last Dance Of the Evening
Super Fast Girlie Show – Oh Well
Daniel Williamson – Space Rollercoaster (*live in session)
Daniel Williamson – I Tell Myself (*live in session)
Joe Shooman – The Destroyer & The Chomper (*archive session)
Trwynau Coch – Wastod Ar Y Tu Fas
Kyle Lee – Nevermore
Hel Dinky – Your Place
Canol Caled – Yr Hawl i Fyw
Holy Fuck – Frenchy’s
Duncan Black – Al Capone
Rabo de Toro – Sleep
Mad Haven – What Ya Gonna Do
Mowbird – Pulsator
Cress – Violate
SSS – I’m Sick
The Bordellos – Fanzine Smile
Datblygu – Rhonc
Elfyn Presli – Jackboots Maggie Thatcher
No Name Janes – Sex Pest
Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch The Landlord