Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies are simply ace… This Liverpool band have released three albums since their 2009 inception. Renowned for their wry yet humourous look at everyday life, that upbeat feel with the odd swipe at society outlook shines brightly all over their songs – four of which you can hear here live in session.
Check out their new Psychedelic Village EP out now on 7″ on Antipop Records… and be sure to catch them live – website.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 30
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Broadcast 10.10.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies
(Gift – t-shirt, CD, 7″ EP, badges and a teabag)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Alarm – It’s Alright It’s OK
Bright Young People – Suppress Happiness
Hitchers – Nothin’ Of Me
Harrowed – Desolation
The Membranes – Magic Eye (To See The Sky)
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Queen Victoria’s Knob (*live in session)
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Stayin’ In (*live in session)
Electric Cake Salad – Ruthless
Viv Stanshall – Terry Keeps His Clips On
Rabo de Toro – Feel It Burning (radio edit)
NoMeansNo – All Lies
The Bordellos – Village Green Revisted
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Goth Postman (*live in session)
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – The Che Guevara Thing (*live in session)
Vermin Suicides – Drink Myself To Death
Boycott The Baptist – Yoko No No
The Immediate – Yoko
Emissaries of Syn – The Slate Is Not Clean
HABITS – Knife Fight
SERA – Little Girl
Sleep Beggar – In Your Absence
I Fight Lions – Geiriau Iawn Ar Goll
Hotel Delsalto – Bigger Than Elvis
The Circle Jerks – Wonderful
Mr Phormula – Be Ti’n Gweld (E Ratik mix)
TEETH CRACK – Sleep / Awake Part II
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Carbonari – Contradiction
Khagool – Alpha Beta
Seize the Day – Not For Diabetics
Krondstadt Uprising – Xenophobia
MC Mabon – This Patch Of Land
Super Fast Girlie Show – Lube
Normal Shed Uses – Shark
Rudimentary Peni – Nothing But A Nightmare
Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress