Joe Shooman had some ‘below the line’ poetry published online by Neon Magazine.
He says, ‘I’ve done a suite of poems based on the re-election (to his current job) of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.  The source material for each poem is a different newspaper’s article, specifically the comments below them by a range of different individuals / pseudonyms. I’ve decontexted and remixed them to present poetic work from the vitriol and occasional jokes.’
Joe was the bassist in Bangor indie-punks Vaffan Coulo and is now an author, journalist and occasional zombie. (Joe’s Blog)
The entire show is available here to listen to again…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 29
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Broadcast 03.10.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Joe Shooman
(Gift – dust)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Butthole Surfers – Leave Me Alone
Membranes – 21st Century Man (Justin Broadrick mix)
Peakz – Devil Eyes
Whales – Puck Rock
Datblygu – Rhownc
Anhrefn – Rhywle Yn Moscow
Mwstard – Never Mind The Molluscs
Harrowed – Raw Boned Bitch
Y Pencadlys – Diolch Am Beidio Ysmygu
Sightseers – Skull n Dead Bones
Vaffan Coulo – OJW
Joe Shooman – The Destroyer & The Chomper (*session)
Super Fast Girlie Show – Mind Control
Depraved State – Tamed
SERA – Through The Wind
Petrol Bastard – My Favourite Blue Pants
Palenco – Cloudy Leftovers
Seize The Day – Not For Diabetics
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Walkin’ Down Bold Street
Triggah – Believe
Anti Virus – The Alliance
Y Niwl – Undegnaw
Joe Shooman – Alphabetti Spaghetti (*session)
Soundwire – Feed Into Me
3 Minute Warning – The TV Is On
Hard Ons – Then I Kissed Her
Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’N Galw
Forged In The Furnace Of the Sun – Equality
Spaceships Over Deeside – Beserk & Sync With Moon (Beach Vision mix)
Mank – Nebulous Desires
Attila The Stockbroker – A Bang & A Wimpy
Miracle Glass Company – Big Beat
Joe Shooman – Halfwit Throwback & Closing Time (*session)
Mr Phormula – Dyna Sut Da Ni’n Byw
Tong Po – A Walk In West Memphis
Ectogram – Salted Blow
The Wobbly Hearts – Alone Listening To the Fall
Maines – My Cull Cain
Lovers Open Fire – Suitcase
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese